What's your net worth in Avocados?

Introducing the Australian Avocado Index (AAI). Find out how many Avos you've sacrificed to get to where you are today.

Wait, what?

Millenials' love of Avocados is world renowned. The media loves to talk about how if we all just ate a few less smashed avos, we'd be well on our way to financial freedom.

But just how many avocados are we missing out on?Now, with nutworth you can answer this crucial question and measure your worth in avocados.

Or anything really, nutworth is awesome like that.

But avocados are fun. And delicious.

Avocado pricing data since 2009

with regular updates from Australian Retail.

Track your assets in over 300 currencies.

View your net worth in the currency or fruit of your choice.

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